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For all competition enquiries contact the Competition Secretary.

For all general enquiries contact the Association Secretary.

You can provide feedback on the website by email at web@cdna.com.au.

Our day comp for 2016 commenced on Saturday 2 April with the March Past (view photos). If you are interested in registering with a club you can find a list of clubs here or you can see the registration information about the clubs here.

The new rules to apply from 2016 are available here.

The website has a CLUB NOTICE BOARD page which can be accessed from the Clubs Tab at the bottom of each page. Check out the latest club notices.

The CDNA has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account (@CDNA_News). Go to the Facebook page and LIKE to be kept up-to-date on what's happening at Campbelltown Netball. Details about whether games have been cancelled will be posted on the Facebook page and advised via Twitter.

Important message ... The Executive of the CDNA is very concerned that people are parking along the fence line near the toilet block on training nights and on Saturdays. This is dangerous as young children walk (run) across the roadway to get to their cars in the parking spaces. We ask that all drivers be considerate of others and young children and park their cars in a car space.

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