Day Competition 2020

Day Comp in 2020 commences on 28 March 2020. Games are played at the following times. 8:30, 9:50. 11:10, 12:10, 1:40 and 3:00pm. On 28 March we will be holding our March Past of clubs. To accommodate the March Past times of all games will be different to normal.


10,12,14 years

11 and 15 years

March Past


13 yrs and Graduates


(odd divisions)


(even divisions)

Will play at

8.00 am

9.20 am

10.40 am

11.40 am

12.40 pm

2.00 pm

3.20 pm

Clubs are currently taking registrations.

The draw id not yet available.

For information about this competition contact the Competition Secretary, Sharyn Abdul on 0407 924 973.

Results and points tables by grade

Each week the latest results and points for each grade will be listed here.