All Junior teams must have a coach that has a current coaching accreditation (minimum Foundation Coaching Accreditation). A qualified coach is to be in attendance at each junior game and must sign the scoresheet.

Coaching dates for 2021


You are invited to join us in the zoom meeting with Robynn Pym.

Robynn is an Elite Level Coach within Victoria Netball League and is the founder of "Here if You Need" A go-to coaching guide.

Please register your interest with Anne Stewart - PH: 0414 564 692 or have a chat with her around the courts this Saturday.

Here If You Need Company

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CDNA Practical Coaching - Saturday 6 March

There will be a 2 hr session at the courts to give coaches practical help in planning a session and then putting that session on court.

If you are new to coaching, this session will help expand on the knowledge that you have gained by completing the on-line Foundation program which is required for you to coach.

If you have been coaching for a while and just need a refresher you are very welcome to attend as your experience and knowledge can be shared with the other attendees.

Please ensure you wear appropriate coaching attire with shoes (no thongs) / hat / and bring a water bottle..

12 March - Club Convenors - Coaching Kick-off

Coaching in a Flash sessions will be held during the year. Please like us on Facebook and on Instagram to see updates on these events.

Coaching Accreditation

Netball Australia has developed a 6 step coaching accreditation scheme that will make it easier for coaches to work through the various coaching levels. The basic accreditation course is the Foundation Course.  The Netball Australia website provides a full explanation of the coach education scheme.

The Foundation and Development courses are designed for beginner and club coaches. 

The Foundation Course is available on-line. 

The Development Course is now provided in a blended (on-line and face to face practical format). The course is available to all coaches who have already completed the Foundation Coaching Course. 

To enrol in the Foundation or Development Courses log into your MyNetball account and select the course from the "Available Courses" under the Online Learning Tab.

Enquiries should be directed to Anne Stewart on 0414 564 692.

Maintaining your accreditation

To maintain your accreditation you must complete a series of tasks over a four-year period (updating). The updating program aims to raise the overall quality of coaches within netball by ensuring they are provided with ongoing education and development opportunities.  Upgrading requirements can be found here. Coaches are able to complete a Log Book which can be downloaded here.

Netball Australia has changed the way accreditation updates work, making it easier for coaches, umpires and bench officials. Just log in to MyNetball using your MyNetball ID. 

Code of Conduct

Coach's Code of Conduct


Training Session Plan

Checklist for beginner coaches

7 Step Progression for teaching a skill

Netball Australia Coaching Blueprint

Netball Australia Coaching Resource Page

NetSetGo Resources (Netball Australia)

NetSetGo Coaching Resources (Netball NSW)

NetSetGo Modified Rules

Coaching Tips

If you have a good coaching tip that you would like to share, send us an email to

MyNetball learning

The MyNetball webpage has a number of on-line learning modules. To enrol log into your MyNetball account and select the course from the "Available Courses" under the Online Learning Tab.

Mentoring Program

Netball Australia in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission has launched an online mentoring course for coaches, umpires and officials.